2019 Treasury Data Call Templates Available for Comment

Treasury has made available the 2019 TRIA data call templates for public comment –> link. The comment period closes January 8, 2019.

The templates are available at the following –> link.

The propose 2019 templates contain two substantive changes:

  • Reporting of limits available for NBCR exposures; and
  • Reporting on a NBCR modeled loss scenario.

The definition of “small insurer” is modified so as to capture an insurer only if it had both 2017 policyholder surplus and 2017 direct earned premiums in the TRIP-eligible lines of insurance of less than $800 million. Small insurers that had TRIP-eligible direct earned premiums of less than $10 million in 2018 are exempt from the 2019 data call. This exemption is not available to captives and alien insurers.

Responses to the Treasury data call are due May 15, 2019 in either Excel or .csv format.

The data call templates have been coordinated with State insurance regulators. Submissions to State insurance regulators are also due May 15, 2019 and are subject to specific instructions provided by the States.

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