An insurer must “make available” coverage for insured losses in all of its property and casualty insurance policies.[1] In breaking down this requirement, several questions quickly emerge:

  • What is coverage for insured losses?
  • How does an insurer make that coverage available?
  • What happens if the policyholder does not desire to purchase the available coverage?
  • How does the insurer evidence its compliance with this requirement?

6.1 – Coverage for Insured Loss

6.2 – Coverage for Terrorism Loss

6.3 – Mechanics of Make Available

6.4 – Policyholder Rejection of Available Coverage

6.5 – Availability of Terrorism Exclusions

6.6 – Evidence of Make Available

6.7 – Policies, Processes and Controls

[1] 31 C.F.R. § 50.20(a)(1).